The catalogue has a range of used motor and sailing boats on offer. All the boats are keenly priced as they are very seriously for sale but some of them though fantastic boats are not that well known so I thought I’d let you know a little more about a couple of them.

The first yacht is the last one to be entered into the auction; a great H323 cruiser/racer . She’s made by the same people who make the far more famous H boats and it shows. Think Sigma 33 or Sadler 32 to get an idea of her general shape, layout and performance. But this boat has the advantage of being in fantastic condition, well maintained and very well equipped which sadly cannot be said of many of the Sigma 33’s who come to the market after a very hard racing career and not much love and care.

If you are looking for a great boat to sail, with either a cruising or a racing crew, then this could be the one for you. She’s had her fair share of success on the racing circuit but her owner has also had some brilliant cruises in her. She’s the sort of boat who’d take you anywhere, she’s so well built and well thought out but at just under 10m she’s not going to cost a fortune to moor when you get there. With her three quarter rig, furling headsail and the option of a self tacking jib she’s going to be a joy to sail and the crew won’t be too worn out to enjoy the shore side entertainment. But get the racing boys onboard, ditch the self tacking jib and she’s going to provide some very exciting sailing and hopefully the crew will be enjoying celebrating ashore in the evening.

This H323 isn’t just going to be competitive in racing, she’s for sale as her owner has already bought his new boat and she is very competitively priced, especially when you consider all the gear that’s included and her great condition. She may not be a very well known model but here is your chance to get a fantastic boat at a great price, you could buy her and sail her straight away, ready to make it to the Canaries or across Biscay before the weather breaks or to the start line for your local autumn club racing.

A very different sailing yacht also in the auction is a 36’ Gaff cutter. She is a GRP copy of a Victorian gentleman’s yacht and she is gorgeous. Her lines are graceful and she draws admirers wherever she goes; you have to look very carefully to see that she isn’t the real thing and because the hull is GRP she won’t need anything like the maintenance of the original yacht.
She has the versatility of being cutter rigged and has a good suite of sails so you can vary the sail plan to exactly suit the conditions. Her current owner has had some fantastic sails in her and has always been very impressed by her performance and safe comfortable feel even when the wind pipes up a notch or two.
Like the H323 this boat is in need of a new owner and her price reflects this, you can get yourself a yacht to be proud of at a brilliant price.

But remember BoatBid isn’t just about unusual sailing boats. We’ve got some great motor boats too like this Rodman 900 Fly and this SeaRay 455 Sundancer