One of the great things about a Yacht Broker's job is the people and the boats you meet and the deep impressions that they leave behind !

We received this letter from a customer who noticed one of the boats being sold by Boatshed Algarve.

Love for boats is something we all suffer from and I know if I saw my first boat being advertised I would also love to buy her back.
Read on and find out about this particular Allegro 33.

Dear Russell,

As discussed this boat was built by me and my parents. We built her from "scratch" i.e we rented the moulds and with the help from expertise from ACVA-boat we did all the plastic work for two weeks. After that my father and I did the interior wood work and fitted her out.

This boat will always have a special place in my heart. During the years, I have been looking for any sign of her on the web.

When I saw the pictures of the boat on Boatshed, the boat I once built, my eyes were in tears. I was so happy to see her.

I will never forget the trip across the North See from Ramsgate to Tyboroen (West coast Denmark) 470 nm in 61 hrs. That's 7.7 knots average for more than 2 1/2 days. Magnificent and what a smooth ride even though we had wind speeds of 30-40 knots round the clock.

My parents retired in 1982 and sailed her to the Med. Spending a number of years there. My mother has written a story about their cruising.

Great to see her again and I hope she finds a new home soon.

Best Regards

Boatshed Customer