We need your help to save two magnificent craft who are facing an uncertain future.

The 31st America’s Cup boats that are currently up for sale with Boatshed Cowes, Isle Of Wight, urgently need a home!

We are extremely proud of these two boats here in the Solent as this was their birthplace and training ground, and many local people were involved with the manufacture, sailing and background staff of these icons.

Let’s look at the history of these two boats. GBR 70 named as Wight Lightening, was Great Britain’s first attempt for 15 years to recover this long lost trophy, employing the finest design and construction technology of the time. The boat went on to be proven as a fast contender by reaching the quarter finals of the race – a commendable achievement of a team that had not been involved in this event for so many years. As part of the teams’ commitment to this campaign, they also constructed a second yacht, GBR 78 Wight Magic. This boat really pushed the envelope of the prevailing Americas Cup rules. Sadly, time went against them and Wight Magic never realised her full potential and Wight Lightening was the boat selected for the event.

GBR 70 and GBR 78 which cost in excess of £8,000,000 to produce are currently marine shrink wrapped in Cowes and stripped down, catalogued and packed away waiting for a new owner to unleash them onto the water once again.
Bearing in mind the production cost of these boats, they are currently up for sale at £125,000 each. This would be open to negotiation should you buy the pair. These costs include numerous spares and all fixtures and fittings.
Sadly we have been informed that if we cannot find a home for these magnificent craft they are to be broken up and sold for spares. Surely we cannot allow this to happen!
Since this race, numerous 2002 cup entrant boats have been sold orbroken up, with some used for corporate charter and some used for specialist regatta racing.
If you are in the market or have an interest for these prestigious boats, please contact Frank or Jon at BoatshedCowes.com