Interest in the fourth online boat auction is really hotting up. All our brokers, who are handling the individual sales for the used boats in the auction, have been really busy answering questions and arranging viewings on the boats.

As the broker has been on board the boat, taken the photos and spoken with the owner they are able to answer all the questions about the boat. In fact they know so much about the boats, be they used sailing boats or used motor boats that in previous auctions we’ve sold boats to buyers who haven’t been able to see the boat before the bidding in the auction started. Because buyers are able to have a professional survey after the auction they can bid in confidence knowing that if there are any unforeseen problems with the boat their money is safe.

Here at BoatBid HQ we’ve also been answering your questions and talking boats with prospective bidders. We’re all passionate about boats so we love answering your queries and is so simple to use it’s really easy to help too.

To place a bid you need to wait until the bidding for the boat you are interested in starts. We’ve split the boats into 3 different sessions each lasting 55 hours so there’s plenty of time for you to place your bid and it tells you in the catalogue when the session starts and ends. When the bidding starts a “place a bid” link appears. You do need to be registered to bid, we ask for a £4.95 bidder’s fee to show your commitment and to give you the confidence to know that all the other bidders are serious too. We’ll also send you an email if you are outbid so you won’t have to keep checking the website but rest assured none of your details will be visible to any of the other bidders.

Don’t forget our extended bidding feature which means that everyone has a fair chance of placing their final bid even if they’re not that quick with a computer. Because the bidding automatically extends if a bid is placed in the closing stages of the auction and continues to extend until no more bids have been placed for 10 minutes we remove the problem of how to bid at the last minute.

So what are you waiting for, take a look at the catalogue and see if there’s something you like. If we don’t have the particular sailing yacht or power boat you really want have a look at with almost 3000 used boats for sale we should have something you like! And don’t forget the next auction starts on September 12th, the catalogue will be released on 13th August when we’ll bring you another fantastic selection of used boats for auction.