Chris Ellison, the infamous DI Burnside from The Bill and more recently an Eastenders character as well, is also officially one of Boatshed's biggest fans.

Speaking to him on the phone yesterday, Chris said to me that he drives his family mad with his constant use of the internet so that he can check the Boatshed website and he is currently wavering over two yachts which Boatshed Sussex is helping him with. Chris said "I always go to Boatshed - in fact I don't really use any other website because I trust the information on there, I love the broker comments, the photographs are great and I can really get a feel for a boat without having to trek all over the country."

Also in the conversation, Chris mentioned that he did wish boat owners would tidy up their boats when they are for sale......he muttered something about underwear! Everything you say Chris will be taken down and used in evidence you know.

Chris joins The Friend of Boatshed hall of fame (which is getting quite crowded now).