The Boatshed team were in Birmingham this week and no mission to the Midlands would be complete with a walk along the towpaths of the famous canals in this part of the world.

There are 35 miles (60 km) of canals within the Birmingham city boundaries, of which most are still navigable by boat, plus Birmingham has more canals than Venice.
Extensive regeneration of the city's canals has taken place over recent years from dredging the water ways to enable the busy stream of narrowboats to the massive investment and construction of high quality city living accommodation. There are canals within about a mile in all directions and there are also many new wine bars and eateries that thrive along the central canal network.

We spoke to some of the local boatey types who were real friendly and learnt that they call the canals "the cut", plus we also picked up a few other phrases that you can use next time you visit this part of the world, such as;
"We am on we olidaze" = on vacation
"Yow med me laff" = humourous

We hope to have a Boatshed in Birmingham one day, by the looks of the number of boats it probably will not be too long.

In fact thinking about it this would make a nice office for Boatshed !! Anyone ??
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