"Any opportunity to network" is one of the Boatshed buzz phrases.
This week members of the Boatshed team are in at the deep-end with the USA's largest boat dealers.

Brunswick, Cobalt, Mastercraft, Yamaha, BRP to name but a few.

Listening to the owners and bosses of these companies the USA is facing a huge problem with new boat inventory; "Too many new boats and not enough customers" is the common thread.

An interesting idea presented by Dusty McCoy Brunswick is perhaps to reinvent the whole industry and manufacture boats more on a "ondemand" basis rather than the tradional dealer stock model.

Irwin Jacobs from Genmar feels the current financing of new boats needs to be overhauled with better finance facilities specific for new boats offered by the manufacturers themselves.

It's been a rollercoaster ride over the past few days with extreme reports of success and failure across the USA new boat industry. As a reasonably new player in the USA boat industry it has been an invaluable way for Boatshed.com to gain an insight into the new boat industry and how in the future this will roll down into the usedboat marketplace.
"Outside of gaining information into the future of the secondhand sales it has also given us a great platform to promote our existing 26 Boatshed offices in the USA, plus enabled us to meet representatives of the Marine Retailers Association of America" .

The MRAA have organised this 3 day conference and expo in Las Vegas to highlight a range of issues facing the USA boat industry today.

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