Boatshed is about so much more than just boats and sheds.

It is about REAL people.

Across locations in Europe and USA the people behind Boatshed are proving that a combination of personality and technology is working real well in the field of selling boats.

Take Neil Chapman, the "Inventor" of for example.
From the outside, from his worn deck shoes to his sun bleached shorts, Neil is every bit the traditional salty sea dog. But look deeper and you see a passion for technology, a keen instinct for the innovative and a desire to use the best of modern resources and materials.

Neil is a perfect analogy for Boatshed. Outside they are still professional but basic “bucket and spade” yacht brokers, working carefully through the legal aspects of brokerage, plus the detailed and often complex business of selling a boat, but scratch the surface, and you will soon see the traditional giving way to the utterly up-to-date.

Start with the simple act of taking photographs. At Boatshed we don’t just take snaps – we take detailed photography of every aspect of the boat including the crack in the teak so that the purchaser knows exactly what he is buying. There are no surprises with a Boatshed boat but there are with a Boatshed broker.

Remote working, wireless capabilities and even our patented Boatshed Battle Bus have all been developed with the customer in mind. The seller of a boat can be visited by a Boatshed broker, have the photographs taken, the details drafted and approved and the boat listed on our website and on our numerous feeds the same afternoon. Speed, technology and passion working together to ensure the best service for everyone. And this passion continues every day that we are listing the boat for the seller. We keep in touch, we’re available on our mobiles 24 hours a day if necessary and we will keep you updated.

And it’s not all about the seller. Every purchaser knows that if they come to Boatshed to buy their boat they will be able to get under the skin of the boat they want before stepping foot on the marina. Researching from your desk or even from the airport waiting lounge – no surprises – so that when you do get time to view the yacht that is going to become such a large part of your life, you already feel intimately acquainted.

Boatshed staff pride themselves on honesty, integrity, transparency and respect but these all sound like buzz words until you understand the meaning of each in a modern context:

Honesty – we are the only brokers to individually visit and photograph every single boat on our books. We get down and dirty in the bilges to bring you every single detail that might interest you. For sellers this means that only serious buyers will come and view.

Integrity – if something doesn’t work onboard, we tell you upfront. We would never seek to hide anything because our passion is boating so we know as well as you that out at sea is the worst time to discover that the radio is a bit flaky!

Transparency – there is some paperwork that goes with the purchase of something that can cost as much as your house but we make sure that we go through each piece with you personally, smoothing the way to a painless sale. And we’ll be open about the details.

Respect – we respect your passion because this is how we can spread the word about ours :-)

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