The last day of the Miami Boat Show and the team have been out on a 49 foot Hustler powerboat to see how fast 70 miles an hour really is on the water. We can report, 70mph is fast and furious and addictive. The boat is powered by 3 x Yanmar 480 turbo diesels and has a ZF gearbox with Fabio Buzzi surface drives. This is one mean machine - a leisure boat with racing performance.

Peter Delbridge (Boatshed Hamble) was allowed to helm and afterwards said "WOW! What a wonderful ride, smooth and quick. We ate the American muscle boats for breakfast. Passion, power and performance combined. Wow." We think he might have been impressed.

Boatshed Florida has also been out at the brokerage show in Miami, drumming up business and taking listings for $5million of boats. Well done guys!