has done it again! And this time we managed to sell a boat in what must be a record 48 hours.

At the end of the Earls Court Boat Show, helped the organisers with the auction of Michael Perham's Tide28 Cheeky Monkey. Michael became the youngest person ever to sail the Atlantic single-handedly in this little boat (see full history here) and so the auction was fairly emotional for all involved.

The boat, Cheeky Monkey (a Tide28), was auctioned using’s new BoatBid system to raise money for Mike’s next adventure – his challenge is to become the youngest person ever to sail around the world single-handedly.

Neil Chapman, MD of was pleased with how smoothly the auction had run “This innovative software has been developed in-house by and we are very pleased with the results having, on its maiden voyage, managed to prove its worth by selling Michael’s boat within 48 hours! Now owners and purchasers have another proven method of selling and buying boats with the added benefit of broker support, excellent photography plus personal service throughout the process.”

We get the feeling that the organisers of the Earls Court Boat Show were a bit chuffed too as with's help, the boat sold quickly, efficiently and within the legal parameters that such a purchase involves.

Win, win, win then! And good luck to Michael Perham with his new challenge - we will of course be watching his progress closely.