Chicago Boat Show

So, why have those guys from Boatshed Lake Michigan got all those balloons above their stand at this year's Chicago Boat Show?

Well of course it attracts attention but like most things at Boatshed, not only is it fun and dynamic but there is a reason….

So why 70 Balloons? One balloon for each of the 70 standardized photographs your Broker will take and put on the internet showing every detail of your boat when you list with

Lets face it, in today’s market, while we sleep, someone around the world is shopping on-line for their next boat. At we believe in putting all the information you need at your finger tips on the web for your immediate access from the comfort of your home, and this includes 70 detailed pictures.

So before you drive 100 miles to see a boat that had one image on the web and did not tell the full story, check out and see the FULL picture, “warts and all” as we say!

“Traditional yacht Brokers using cutting edge technology”

Want to meet some of these Traditional Brokers?

Then meet Matt, John and Dan at this week's Chicago Boat show. With 18 listings enquiries in the first day they are pretty busy but are waiting to meet you. For more information on the ShowClick Here

Does it work?
Ask the team at Boatshed Lake Michigan who closed two major sales for their clients last week…Nice start to the year guys!