One of the most entertaining and inspiring races this side of the 19th century has seen a well deserving Michel Desjoyeaux (FRA) 'FONCIA' held onto the lead since the unfortunate dismasting of Mike Golding (UK) 'ECOVER' whilst he was in first place in the Southern Ocean.

Michel Desjoyeax on 'Foncia' sailed across the finish line on February 1st 2009 at 15:11UT after 84 days 3 hours 9min. 8sec at sea. Sailing a distance of 28,303.2Nm with an average speed over that distance of 14 knots!!!

Michel Desjoyeax has been called many things but I'm sure a quick summary of his achievements would humble the harshist critic.
Not only has he taken victory in the '2008-09 Vendee Globe' Les Sables d'Olonne, but he has done it with style and grace fitting of a ballet, oh and did we mention he started after everyone else!

Did we mention that he also won the '2000-01 edition Vendee Globe' the only person to achieve this ever, that edition was the race a little English girl called Ellen Mac Arthur (UK) 'kingfisher' achieved a 2nd place just one day behind the Professor.

The specialised Boatshed Performance team who look after the sale and project management of IMOCA open 60's with Owen & Clarke Design, have been following this race like a thirsty man watches a glass of water, willing them all on but secretly not wanting them to finish.

Merci Beaucoup Michel and bon chance to the rest of the racers still out racing as hard for the finish as when they begun!

For Bilou, Roland Jourdain, after seeming to be guaranteed 2nd place we can say nothing more than how unfortunate you were with the problems and look forward to seeing you in the 2012-13 Vendee Globe if not before!

Armel Le Cléac’h, now in second place is expected to reach les Sables d’Olonne between 18h00 GMT on Thursday 5th February and 06h00 GMT on Saturday 7th February.

Samantha Davies on 'ROXY' could find herself on the Podium if she keeps her current form up, go Sam!!

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