It is often said that the two most stressful things in life are moving house and changing your job.

Moving house and changing your job maybe stressful but they lack soul, selling your boat, especially when you have owned her for many years, can be very upsetting.

I can be passionate about boats, but houses, well they keep you dry and warm, they don’t move with you or look after you when the weather is challenging.

I think the main difference is that you have a relationship with the boat which is long lasting and never forgotten through thick & thin. I still hanker for my first boat an Audacity, always looking out for her, when I wasn't sailing I spent endless days rubbing down her varnish work with each stroke caringly applied.

When you are selling your boat, you want someone to appreciate and understand your boat, how ever large or small. Also to handle the whole deal from start to finish and to be happy and confident that the new owner will love and cherish her.

Here is a letter sent by a customer who sold his boat through Gert in the Barclona office. Thanks for sending the letter in, we always like to hear your comments.

Dear Sirs,

I can thoroughly recommend the services of “Boatshed Barcelona” and in particular the attention and diligence of Mr Gert Van den Bergh in any marine sale you may be contemplating.

The recently completed sale of “Hamanic” my Birchwood TS390 cruiser, was handled exclusively by Gert, and conducted in a completely ethical and efficient manner.

“Hamanic” was excellently photographed and well presented to an extremely wide audience. Viewings of the boat, and lots of other important bits and pieces, were conducted by Gert, leaving me with minimal involvement in the whole procedure. Being personally resident in UK and “Hamanic” being resident in Spain, this part of the service proved invaluable.

Once again I would thoroughly recommend the services of this company.