Timing they call it! Perhaps luck might be a better description under the circumstances.

Neil Chapman from Boatshed is over in the USA on a fact finding mission, and guess what? the Volvo is in town ! he sends this report:

"I was due to be at a boat show in Annapolis today but happened to be in a bar last night talking to some guys about sailing, you know generally shooting the breeze and all that stuff. All important networking of course!
Cut a long story short and I find myself out on the 74' Schooner "Woodwind" to see the Volvo in-port race"

"How could I miss the opportunity I hear you ask ! so I packed some sandwiches and the camera and spent the day out on the circuit. Hot and sunny and a dying breeze gave Movistar first place with Brasil 1 in second, Pirates third, Ericsson fourth, ABN AMRO TWO fifth, ABN AMRO ONE sixth and Brunel seventh.
It was great to see these superb race machines but the Schooner Woodwind was still my favourite of the day"

You can see the full story at Volvo News

The 74' Schooner "Woodwind" sails out of Pussers Landing in Annapolis see www.schoonerwoodwind.com

The Volvo will be in Portsmouth next month and you can bet the Boatshed team will be out on the water to greet them.....more soon......