Everyone is setting records these days and you could be excused for missing some stuff in the blur and blurb of publicity that surrounds each attempt.

Occassionally something comes up that makes you say "What the ....?"

At Boatshed we love this sort of stuff and today we are dipping our Boatshed hats to Stephane Rousson and Peggy Bouchet.......

We are all cheering for you guys :-)

This is an ambitious one by all accounts : to make the first successful "aero-maritime" crossing of the Atlantic powered solely by renewable energy sources. The idea is not really to establish a record, but to prove that it is technologically possible to cover a distance of 5 000 km flying night and day using sources of energy drawn from the sea, the sun and the wind.

This video speaks for itself.... Windream One

Carbon Credits galore with this puppy !